Saturday, 31 August 2013

Usion Bolt.. He is Amazing

Bolt the super man done it again. In Zurich Diamond league 100 meters competition Bolt wins the title. Off course he is bit slow in the race, but end of the race he managed to stood in the first. He again proves him self he is the number one athlete. Bolt finished the race with the timing of 9.90 sec.

He also conclude this session with desent win. He Finished First in Dimond League last race in Brussells. He finished the 100 m race in 9.80 sec. Of course this is not a great performance by this stunning athlete. but overall this is a satisfying effort by the Jamaican 2013 bolt recorded his best timing is 9.77 sec. This timing came in Moscow world championship.

In 200 meters also bolt not up to the mark in this year. He finished in world championship 19.75 sec.Bolt already declared he will gave up the athletics after Rio Olympics.

So he want to retire when he is in peak stage. bolt already claimed 6 gold medals in the Olympics. Next Olympics he aimed for 3 more gold medals. If he did it again it will be a history.