Sunday, 5 January 2014

England White Washed

This was a great loss for England cricket. They played poor cricket and paid the price for that. England cricketers come as a heroes for Ashes Series Down Under and They are going as Zeros. Australia whitewashed England by 5-0 and clinch the Ashes series. England cricketers are in back foot morally and mentally. they are not played up to the mark. In Sydeny last test England played even worst. English bats man failed to post 200 runs on the board in both innings.

This shows how England was played in this Ashes. Michel Johnson and Ryan Harris Rattled the England innings. Thorough out the series these both  bowlers are bowled very aggressively. especially Johnson is extraordinary. His Delivirais are like a bullets. He bowled with great commitment ant courage. This may be his best performance. on other hand  Ryan Harries and Of Spinner Nathan Lyan did their best.

England star batman Kevin Petersen and Ian Bell, Captain Cook Failed to fulfill their responsibilities. England bowlers are a lean patch in this series. They did not effect on Australian Batsman. Aussies Opener Rogers and Wicket Keeper Braod Haddin are done a great job. These both batsman Anchored the innings in couple more occasions.