Saturday, 23 November 2013

Magnus...Is A New World Champion

Its End Of An Era. Five Time Chess World Champion Viswanadhan Anand Lost his Crown To Narways Magnus Carlsen. This 22 years Lad is a New World Champion Now. Anand Draws his 10th Round Of The World Chess Championship at Chennai. Than With 6.5 Points Lead Carlsen Automatically Become a Champion Of the World. This is the First world Title For Young Carlsen. Magnus Become Youngest Player to Achieve this Title After Gary Kasparov of Russia.

Interestingly Gary is the Current Caoch Of Carlsen. Magnus Story is also very Interesting. His Father is a IT Consultant He is the First Caoch For Carlsen. He had Three Sisters. At the Age Of Five Magnus Had a Afire With Chess. He Used to play Online Chess Regularly. At the age of 9 Carlsen Become a Norway National Champion. Than He Went to Win the Grand Master Norm At the Age of 12. Than On-words Magnus Never Look Back. His was Supported a lot and Travel Along With Him.

Carlsen Father Sell His Car Arrange Money  To His Son Needs. Finally Magnus Earned a Best ever ELO Rating in Chess and Become a World Number One At the Age of 19. After Take Lessions From former World Champion Kasparov.. Magnus Game Improved a Lot. He did  not see Movies Much. Always Keep Playing Chess With Friends and Family Members. He is Not Only interested in chess.. Magnus Can Play Volleyball, Tennis, Golf and He also a Good Swimmer and Sky Driver.