Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sachin Special: Do You Know?

1. Who is the coach of sachin Tendulkar?

2. who got out Tendulkar Most Times in Test Matches? Hint..He is from England?

3. Which Position Master Did not Bat Yet in International Level?

4. Which Stadium Sachin like most in India?

5. Who brought Master A Pair of Pads for his First Test Match?

6. Who is the Partner for Tendulkar in his First International Century?

70. After How many One days Sachin Got His One Day Century?

8. Tendulkar receive First Man Of The Match As a Bowler in Which Game?

9. Master Firtst Test is 100 Test For for another Indian Legend? Can you Guess Who is he?

10. Sachin did not Fulfill his dream in Test Matches? What is That?


1. Ramakanth Achrekar

2. England Pace Bowler James Anderson. He Got Out Sachin 9 Times

3. Hi Did Not Bat At Third Position

4. Kolkata Eden Gardens

5. Sunil Gavaskar

6.Manoj Prabhakar

7. 79 Onedays

8. Against West indies in Sharjh

9. Kapil Dev

10. Triple Century in Test Matches