Friday, 6 December 2013

Check your Knowledge Here

1. Which Cricketer known as a white lightning.. He is very successful bowler for safari team? Can you guess the name of the cricket?

2. How many Test matches Sir Donold Bradman Played in India?

3. Ranga Swamy Cup was played in which sport?

4. Whos nike name is Joker...He is  star Tennis Player?

5. Who gave first olympic Boxing medal For India?

 6. Eight Formula One Titles in a row.. whos achievement is this?

7.  Which Indian Duo won world badminton Bronze Medal?

8. Who is the Fastest Century maker in One day matches?

9. which sport was stays in 2020 olympics?

10. Which captain start with spinner in 1992 cricket world cup?


1. Allen Donold of South Africa. He is very successful bowler for safari team.

2. Donold Bradman did not played a single test match in India.

3. Ranga Swamy cup was played in Hockey

4. Serbia Number One Player Novac Djokovic kno as Joker For his things in the court.

5. Vijender Singh gave India only Medal (Bronze) in 2008 Bizing Olympics.

6. Sebastian Vettel of Redbull

7. Gutta Jwala and Aswini Ponnappa Duo won womens doubles medal in world championship.

8. Pakistan Explosive batsman Shahid Afridi hit century in 37 balls against Srilanka

9. Wrestling

10. Martin Crow starts bowling with spinner Dipak Patel in 1992 cricket world cup. Its a experiment which was not happend in past.