Monday, 9 December 2013

Disppointing Show

Indian Cricket Fans are very much confident about their team..Dhoni Squad will put up a very good show in South Africa series. Resent results at home will raise the hopes of fans. But cards are changed in few days. Team India won back to back series against Australia and West Indies at home. More over Dhoni led Team India won six one day tournaments in a row. In this back ground India went to safari tour with high expectations. But after two one days Indian cricket team and fans are realized its not a easy outing at safari pitches.

Our star Indain batsman are failed to score in two one days. Especially our Openers Shikhar Dhwan and Rohit Sharma did not give a good starts. Rohit Sharma even troubled to contact the ball in first one day. Its an better example to our plight at South Africa. Dale Steyn, Morkel, Tsotsobe, Mclaren, Philender all this fast bowlers are rattled the Indian batting order with their bullet deliveries. Especially Stean is extraordinary. Indian Batsman even failed to touch his Milssile like balls. Dhawan and Rohit and other batsman shot selection is very poor.

In Durban second One Day India Batting order looks like school team. Our Star Batsman did not expect the Extra Bounce and Pace on the pitch. Rahane, Aswain dismissals are more pathetic. They are tried to hit the the its traveled far better out side the Off stump. Dhoni in First one day, Raina in second one day played some better cricket. Kohli also played some how better in first one day.. but he could not convert his start as a big score. He got out in second one day with poor shot selection.

Team India already lost the Series.. Now Dhoni men played for some pride in Third one day. If India Manage to win the last one day It should be a moral boosting for them before the Test Series. Our Bowlers are did well in Second one day. Mainly Young Mohd shami was Bowled Brilliantly. He was stick to his line and lenght and did not go for any experiment. So He will success to control the South African Batsman. So our bowlers need to inspire from Shami show in last one day.