Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Check Your Knowledge Here

1. Which racer equalled the record of Michel Schumacher of 5 titles in a row? He is also win a Indian Grandprix? Can you guess the name of the racer?

2. Chess game is originate in which country?

3. Which country won first football world cup?

4. How many times Roger Federer won Wimbledon Title?

5. The Muscles which cricketer Nike name this? He is off spinner.

6. Jakovich, Jankovich, Ivanovich this star tennis players belongs to same country. Can you guess the name of the country?

7.  Hapman cup was played in which sport?

8. which Indian leg spinner take 16 wickets in his debut Test match?

9. who is the first women to clime a olympic medel?

10.  which Indian Bowler reach the 400 wickets club for the first time?

1. Sebastain Vettel of Germany. He is break the record of his country man legendary Michel Schumacher. Vettel won 8 Grandprix races this in a row.

2. India is the mother nation for chess. This is also called Chadaramgam. Indian Kings are used to play the Chadaramgam in leisure time.

3. Uruguay won the first FIFA Football World cup. Uruguay Beat Argentina by 4-2 in 1930.

4. Swiss Master Roger Federer won Wimbledon Title 7 times. Five times in a row (2003-07)

5. Hyderabadi Off Spinner Venkatapathy Raju Called as a Muscles for his lean body.

6. Jankovich, Jakovich, Ivonovich these three players belongs to Serbia Country. Jakovich is a former world number one.

7. Hap man cup is associated with tennis. This is belong to women tennis.

8. Narendra Hirwani took 16 wickets (8 wickets each in both innings) in his Debut test against westindies in 1987 at Chennai.

9. Weightlifter Karanam Malleswari won First women to clime Olympic medal. She won Bronze medal in 200 Sydney Olympics in 69 kg.

10. Kapil Dev