Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Check Your Knowledge

1. He is a Indian star batsman. He almost get a hundreds in every ground he was played. But he did not post a century in this ground. who is that star batsman? name the ground?

2. who is the fastest century maker in one days? He is also known as Boom Boom. can you guess the name of the cricketer?

3. who is the fastest Athlete in the world? he is also six time world championship Gold medal winner? can You tell the name of that Athlete?

4. Who holds the Indian National Record in 100 M Running? He is From Andhrapradeah.. can You name the Athlete?

5. Who is the First Indian to reach the Singles Semifinals in Grand slam Tournament?

6. Rawalpindi Express which Player nick name this?

7. P.V.Ramana he belongs to which Sports? His Daughter is also a player Who is she?

8. He is known as a wonder boy. Hit Three centuries in his First Three Test Matches. this us also a world Record. can You tell the name of Batsman?

9. Anil Kumble take Perfect Ten (Ten wickets in a Test Innings), Who involved in the Tenth Wicket fall?

10. Indian Batting looks like a cycle Stand..whose Quotes this?


1.Sachin Tendulker gets centuries almost all grounds in the world except Cricket Mother Ground Lords.

2. Shahid Afrid from Pakistan. Afridi gets Cemtury just in 32 balls

3. Jamica Thunder Usion Bolt.

4. Abdul Najeeb

5. Vijay Amrith Raj

6. Shoib Akthar

7. Ramana belongs to Vollyball his Daughter P.V.Sindhu is Badminton Star.

8. Mohd Azharuddin

9. V.V.S.Laxman Takes a Brilliant catch at forward short leg and help to Kumble to complete perfect Ten.

10. Navjoit Singh Siddhu