Thursday, 31 October 2013

Is it a Good Trend?

Few Days Back India chaged Down the Mighty Target Of 360 Runs in Jaipur... Fans are Thrilled and Felt very happy. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and co is Also Very Happy... And Again  In Nagpur Sixth One day India Chaged 350 Plus Runs very Easily.

With this Win Fan are Really Happy? Its a Big Question. 700 Runs in one Day? Off course this Trend Helps batsman very well. They can Utilize this Situation and do Runs very Easily. But What About Bowlers? Former Cricketers Also Crictisied Indian Pitches are Become Burial Grounds For Bowlers. There is no Seem Moment, No Turn on the pitch..

 There Ramaines Only  Flat Pitches. what is the use of the Pitch? Can This Tracks Give Real Compitative matches? Its again a Big Question.. we are all Crictisize Ishanth Sharma for gave 30 Runs in one over. But Its not only mistake of a Ishanth its a Fault of a Picth also. With This Batting Paradises Indian Batsman are take runs very Quickly..

But when India went to Overseas Matches then This same Bastsman are Failed to Score. Of course Player Like Virat Kohli Caliber Track is not a matter. But What About Other batsman? 2015 world cup in Australia and Newzeland. So India Gere up The things. India Have ready  to Play on Fast Piches. So India Must change their Pitches if they want to win the next world cup.