Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sachin Special...Do You Know?

1. Who take Sachin First Wicket in international Cricket. He is also a legend in Fast bowling can You guess his name?

2. what is the First Master first advertisement?

3. How many world cups Tendulker have played?

4. On Which team Sachin Scored World record 200 runs Not out in One days?

5. Tendulkar Admired a tennis icon.. Who is he?

6.who is the India captain when Sachin entered the team?

7. Master and he debut at a time. But he can manage to play only on test in his career can you guess who is he?

8. Sachin hits three centuries in domestic tourney debuts can you name the tournaments?

9. Tendulkar had a dream yet to fulfill in test cricket. can you guess what is that?

10. Sachin is Hunting in my dreams.. whose This Famous words are??


1. Pakistan pace bowler waqur Younis. Sachin made just 15 in his debut and bowled in waqur bowling

2. Boost.

3. Master have played 6 world cups. he Match with pakisthan star player Javed Miandad

4. South Africa

5. John Mcenroe

6. Krishnamachari Srikanth

7. Salil Ankola

8. He hit centuries in Ranji trophy. Irani cup, Duleep Trophy

9. Triplle century in Test cricket

10. Shane Warne. After Sachin Hits back to back centuries in Sharjah in 1998 Coca Cola Cup Warne made this comments.