Friday, 18 October 2013

They Are Un Predictable

Can Any Body Bet on  Pakistan in Cricket. Its Highly impossible. Beacuse Pakistan is unpredictable. Nobody knows when they are win are when they are loose. One Month back Misbha Ul Haq led Pakistan lost cheaply in the hands of Mennows Zimbabwe.

 That too it was in a Test match.. After 30 days Pakistan beat World number One South Africa in a Test match comfortably. And again All out for 99 Runs in Second Test First Innings. This is a peculiar nature of Pakistan cricket team such a Long time. Although they had a very good bowling attack Pakistan did not utilize their strength and they easily surrender the opponent. 

This might be the great weakness of Sub continent team. Especially in this decade Pakistan team lost very easily in hands of Minnows. After the Spot Fixing scandal and Attacks on Sri Lankan Cricketers Pakistan lost their grace. Key players are retired and So many young talented players on ban due to fixing Pakistani team now in trouble. Cricket lovers wants Pakistan will come back.

 If this team maintain the consistency Pak will surely become Top team. They have a natural Bowling resources They have a Talented batsman so Pakistan only need consistency and commitment.