Thursday, 26 September 2013

Check Your Knowlede Here...

1. He is Called Flying Sikh.. He is a Great Athlete India Have ever Produced.. Who is he?

2. Hitting sixes is for him is like Drinking water.. His nick name is LaLa? can you Guess Who is This?

3. His Pet name is Big Bird? He is one of The Dangerous Bowler at his Time. can You Guess?

4. He is a Actor.. and also appeared in  James Bond Movie. He was Represented India in Grandsams Also who is he?

5. Who is the First All England Champion From India?

6. Her Nike name is Payyoli Express.. She Missed the Olympic Bronze in Photo Finish.. Who is she?

7. Libro This is Terminology used in  Which Game?

8. Great boxer Mohd Ali Daughter also A Boxer her name?

9. Who Bowled the First Ball of !975 Inaugural Cricket World cup?

10. In 1983 India Won Cricket world cup.. every one knows it..But in this winning team one player not even played a single match can you find Him?


1.Milka Singh

2. Shahid Afridi

3. Joel Garner, West indies Fast Bowler

4.Vijay AmrithRaj, Octopus Movie

5.Prakash Padukone


7. Vollyball

8.Lila Ali

9.Madan Lal Bowled the first ball to Dennis Amiss

10.Sunil Walson