Sunday, 8 September 2013

wrestling stays At Olympics

Wrestling Back Again

Wrestling is a great sport. It is continued from 1900 in Olympics. But in rotation policy Olympic committee decide the wrestling sport will out of 2020 Olympics. But many nations oppose this decision and they are supported for wrestling event. Baseball, softball, Squash are competing  with the wrestling in bidding. Seven month time is taken for whole process. Buenos Aires International  conducts the bid and in that bid with height votes (49) wrestling won in this competition.Softball gets 24 votes and squash gets 22 votes. So wrestling will stays in the  Olympics. This is very good news for wrestlers all round the world. for Squash this is the third unsuccessful bid. earlier squash compete in 2005 and 2009. Wrestling now assures it place in Olympics till 2024. Wrestling is mainly familiar in India, Japan, Korea, Russia, America etc. now this countries are very happy. especially in India this sport is very famous. We can see this sport in Puranas and Vedas also. this is called kusthi also. Wrestling is mixed with the culture of India.