Saturday, 14 September 2013

Crime and Punishment

Spot Fixing.. its a big danger in Any sports.. now India become the victim. Indian premier league-6 witnessed the spot fixing scandal. reputed cricketer Sreesanth caught in this scandal. And he went jail. After he freed out bail. Bcci took a disciplinary action against him, he is banned for life. 

Another young cricketer Ankeeth Chavan also punished the same. enqiry on Rajasthan Royals player Ajith Chandila still going on. he may be punished Heavily. Amith Singh gets five years and Siddardha Trivedi facing one year ban. Its a good thing in cricket to punish culprits. its warning signals to young cricketers. every cricketer want to play his country. 

But in cricket apart from lot money and fame.. there is a other avagatations also there. cricketer must careful about this. Quality cricketer like Sreesanth Finally lost his chance to play for his country. its a great loss. Its a lesson for budding cricketers