Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Who is the Best Sachin Or Lara?

Here is a Big Question for You...Who is the Best Sachin Tendulkar are Brain Lara? Both are Masters in Batting. Both have diffrent Style of Batting. Diffrent style of Stans. Both Are Aggrresive players. both are served for their countries long years.

Now Debate is going on Sachin and lara Calibaure. Some critics and former cricketers are expressed their feeling Sachin is the Best player in this Era. contrary to this statements some people empahsie lara is the great batsman than sachin. Australin stalwart Riky ponting aslo said the same.

Lara                                         Sachin

So now this topic is Hot in cricket feternity. Asper the longvity and batting records Sachin Surely Front runner in this contest but As per the team Winning persentage.. situations Faced consern Lara had a slight Edge over Master. Lara is Piller for Westindies Cricket in Resurgence. He played some Extodinary innings and Played a key part in his team Victories.

He is only man to get 400 Runs (quadaful Century) in test cricket. he First made 375 and Hyden broke this record with 380 runs. Than Lara went to broke this record in his Style with Qudraful Ton. This Century showed the Power of Lara. Ofcourse Sachin also did the same this for his country. He is the Idol for Every Budding cricketer. He is the Hero of Many young players Like Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina etc. But its Diffucult to Say Who is best in Sachin And Lara. Both are Legends. This Question Upto Fans Only.

Here is a Records Of Sachin and Lara

Sachin Tendulkar

Tests: 198; Inns: 327; Runs: 15837; HS: 248 NO; Avg: 53.86; 100: 51; 50: 67
ODIS: 463 Inns: 452 Runs: 18426  HS: 200 NO Avg: 44.83  100: 49 50: 96

Brain Lara

Tests: 131 Inns: 232Runs: 11953HS: 400 NOAvg: 52.88100: 34 50: 48

ODIS: 299Inns: 289Runs: 10405HS: 169 Avg: 40.48100: 1950: 53