Friday, 13 September 2013

Tokyo Gets The Golden Chance

Here is a great chance for Tokyo city. Once again this city  got the chance to host the prestigious 2020 Olympics Tokyo stood on top of the voting conducted at Buenos Aires by international Olympic committee. After 1964 Olympics this is the second time for Tokyo to host Qudrinal extravaganza.

This is not only a good news for Japan this is sweet news for whole Asia. even though Isthambul, Madrid gave a tough fight japan managed to clime its berth. There is a tension all around but Tokyo seals the matter with great spirit. in first round Istanbul and Madrid are tied.

In tie Break Istanbul better the Madrid. Than real competition between Tokyo and Istanbul. in final round japan wins the bid with 60 votes. this is a great achievement to to country like japan. Recently they are faced Fukushima power plant problem. risky life is common is japan they are overcome atom bomb attack and so many natural calamities.