Sunday, 8 September 2013

Yuvraj Six Sixes in a Row

Great to watch when Yuvraj Singh  is in Swing. On that particular day Yuvi is un stoppable. 2007 T20 World cup crucial match Mahendra Singh Dhoni led Team India Played Brilliantly. Especially Yuvraj Singh is Amazing. his Brutal innings destroyed the English Bowling attack. May be English Fast bowler Stuart Broad did not forget this match in his life. Indain Openers Gautham Gambir (58), Virendra Sehwag gave a Flaying start for India. They have put 136 runs for First the Wicket. After they got out England feel very happy. But They did not expect Runs Tsunami. 

Yuvraj Singh walks to bat India in some troble. But He did not mind to charge on the English bowlers. End of 18 overs India were Scored 171/3. But on Kings mead pitch this score not a big issue to change. So Dhoni is looks worry on other side. But Yuvraj Singh Thoughts are Different. He take on Broad hit Six Sixes in a Row. First Six went to 111 yards. That was really biggy. Than Second one went Flick Six. Third one from Extra cover. Broad feels the heat. chanting over the Ground Yuvi... Yuvi...

Broad comes round the wicket this time.. But Result is same. Fourth one is full toss.. ball went over the Backward point six. Fifth one is knee height but it also in the stands over mid wicket. Broad face turned red and red. He pitched the ball with fear again result is same. This time From Mid on, Yuvi Is Sensational. Yuvi created a world record. Six Sixes in a T20 match over that was amazing. Yuvi Reached his fifty Mark just in 12 Balls. this was also a record.